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Vibrant Collagens, Collagen Peptides Powder, Unflavored, Grass Fed, Pasture Raised… (100)

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Product Description

Grass-fed & pasture-raised Vibrant’s hydrolyzed collagen peptides provide the highest quality and healthiest source of this natural vital nourishment

green foodsgreen foods

What Are Collagen Peptides?

Collagen has long been a favored ingredient in topical products like skin creams and anti-aging compounds, but now scientists and nutritional experts alike are realizing the role collagen consumption can play in improving inner health as well as outer beauty.

Collagen is a naturally occurring substance our body produces to help hold all our bits and pieces together. It lubricates our joints, provides elasticity and gives structure to our musculature, and that’s just the beginning. Collagen Peptides are simply collagen that has been broken down into smaller molecules for better digestion and solubility. In essence, it’s a product that makes it easier for you to achieve your desired results.

collagen peptidescollagen peptides

How to Use Green Foods Collagen Peptides

Collagen Peptides have been broken down into small, easily absorbable bits, so they’ll dissolve quickly in hot or cold water. Stir your serving into your morning tea or coffee, blend it into a milkshake or fruit smoothie, dose your daily green juice, make an avocado and chocolate pudding with a hidden spoonful of peptides or make a healthy soup even more nourishing.

Benefits of Collagen Peptides

• Improve Digestion: As collagen floods your gut, it works to help patch over leaks and prevent damaging toxins from leaving your digestive tract and reaching the rest of your body.

• Decrease Inflammation: The more toxins you contain in your digestive system, where they can be eliminated safely, the less your body has to fight. In some studies, that translates to decreased inflammation and fewer symptoms for those experiencing IBS, Crohn’s, acid reflux and leaky gut syndrome.

• Boost Muscle Mass and Energy: To build muscle, you need the amino acids found in collagen. As you supplement, you give your body the fuel to form new muscle tissue, which then burns calories and facilitates nutrient conversion. These newly streamlined processes leave you with more energy to complete your favorite activities and get through your day with spirit and body intact.

• Strengthen Your Hair, Teeth and Nails: Your nails, teeth and hair are all composed of protein; when collagen levels fall, you’ll likely see a corresponding dip in the health and condition of your nails, hair and teeth as well.

• Protect Your Heart and Circulatory System: Those all important amino acids found in collagen? One of them is proline, which is integral for repairing tissue in your arteries, regulating blood pressure and keeping arteries clear of risky plaque deposits.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Package Dimensions‏:‎3.6 x 3.6 x 3.6 inches; 4.8 Ounces
Date First Available‏:‎October 2, 2019
Manufacturer‏:‎Green Foods


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