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Savor the Legacy, Taste the Purity: Saloni's Organic Mustard Oils, India's Culinary Jewel.

Established on June 30, 1990, SALONI by Mahesh Edible Oil Industries stands as a key player in the mustard oil production landscape, ranking among the top three producers in the country. In 2008, the company diversified its offerings by introducing Soya Oil to the market. Operating from an integrated plant, SALONI takes pride in manufacturing its packing materials. With over fifty offices and depots strategically positioned, the company oversees a vast network of more than 10,000 distribution points. The three production units, situated in AGRA (UP), KOTA (Rajasthan), and Alwar (Rajasthan), contribute to SALONI's status as a leading mustard oil brand in the nation.

Over three decades ago, the Mahesh Group was founded by two visionary entrepreneurs, the late Shri Ram Babu Rathore and the late Shri Shiv Kumar Rathore. Registered under the Companies Act of 1956, "Mahesh Edible Oil Industries Ltd" was established with a straightforward corporate objective: to manufacture, package, and market the purest edible oils, providing a healthier and tastier cooking oil solution (Banate Hain apni he Factory Me) to millions of consumers (Sehat bhi swad bhi). Currently, the leadership of the entire organization is in the capable hands of two younger brothers, Mr. Dinesh Kumar Rathore and Mr. Mahesh Kumar Rathore, both dynamic businessmen. Under their guidance, the management of Mahesh Group has garnered an unparalleled, in-depth understanding of the industry and continues to evolve in response to changing consumer needs.

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