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UltraColl Marine Collagen 1000mg x 180 Tablets (3 Months Supply). The only Patented Anti-Aging Collagen Types I, II, III, and VII. SKU: UC3

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*Strength claims based on average Collagen content per tablet in a 2020 study conducted by ‘stylesalute’

High strength CollagenHigh strength Collagen

Up to 250% more collagen

1000mg of Collagen per tablet

UltraColl collagen contains 1000mg of collagen per tablet. Up to 250% stronger than most standard products.*

* Based on average Collagen content per tablet in a 2020 study conducted by ‘stylesalute’

Patent Pending Collagen Blend

UltraColl Collagen supplement contains a patent pending blend of four different collagen fibers, each one is an essential building block in the structure of the skin.

No other collagen supplement contains these same 4 fibers, most only contain collagen types 1 and 2 which alone have not been shown to help build the elastins and fibers within the skin.

Marine Derived for purity

UltraColl collagen fibers are sourced from a number of responsibly harvested marine sources and is free of any shark ingredients. It is derived from the scales of salt water fish. While this is a more expensive process, it also produces a much purer collagen, especially when compared with cheap bovine derived collagen that is often sourced from the by-products of animal slaughter houses.

Why Choose Pureclinica?

1000mg Marine Collagen per tablet

Unique Patent Pending Blend of four collagen types

Marine Derived for Purity

180 tablets per bottle- up to 6 months supply!

Not your average health supplement company









Trusted Ingredients

Our products are manufactured by the world’s largest manufacturer of health supplements at state of the art facilities within the UK, Switzerland, and the USA.

High Strength

Double, Triple, or even 10x the Strength. All of our products are designed to be effective. To that end you will find that they all contain either double, triple, or even 10x more active ingredients per tablet than standard formulas. This means that you won’t be rattling like a pill box because you don’t have to take 3 or 4 tablets to get an effective quantity of active ingredient.


We believe that everybody should have the opportunity to enjoy good health which is why we aim to make all of our products the best value you can find.

Each of our bottles are specifically designed to give you 3-6 months worth of a quality supplement.

Truly a family business

We started our business in 2005. What started as just an idea of one product quickly blossomed into a company supplying high quality, natural health supplements and anti-aging beauty treatments.

Although we have grown each year and now have offices in 3 countries the core of our team is still made up of friends and family and we remain true to our values and humble origins. We regard each of our customers as being part of the Pureclinica family and aim to work on a very close and personal level with everyone.


Committed to good wellbeing for all

At Pureclinica we passionately believe that everybody should have the opportunity to live an active lifestyle. With that in mind we partnered with 2 volunteer led charities that are close to our heart. ‘Hull Talk the Stroke’ and ‘Hull Active Stroke Group’ work to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of anyone effected by Stroke.

Through personal experience we know that Stroke survivors can often become inactive and very isolated. Key to recovery is being as active and social as possible. With this in mind we are delighted that our sponsorship helps to provide Stroke survivors in our local community with a place to meet weekly. In addition to this the groups are now able to run regular trips, activities and therapy sessions.


* Strength claims based on average Collagen content per tablet in a 2020 study conducted by ‘stylesalute’

Contains a patented blend of 4 different types of collagen fibres, the same fibres responsible for keeping the skin tight and wrinkle free – no other supplement contains this same blend. These 4 collagen types when depleted are known to cause deep wrinkles, fine lines, crows feet, deep lines on the forehead, and sagging skin
Sold in a bulk supply for huge cost savings
Manufactured for a large UK family business est. 2005 in a cGMP and ISO accredited facility. Quality assured and guaranteed.


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