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The only way to make serious money from betting is to avoid doing it “blindly”!
If you don’t have hours and hours to spend analyzing racestatistics and performance data then your best chance to win is to read this page carefully and use our services!

Tipster Filter is here to provide you with only the highest quality betting tips to guide your betting decisions. We are no ordinary tipster site, we actually take all the horse racing tips from our reliable sources out there and only the ones suggested by the majority of the experts get through our filter.

Here at Tipster Filter, we use real-time processing and algorithms that are being continually supplied with information from over 100 tipsters. Our tipster sources only include verified, professional, and successful tipsters.

The Tipster Filter system automatically compares all the tips and chooses only the predictions thatare consistently provided.This way you only get the most reliable tips and never miss those big winners.

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See below an illustration of an example of how our system can boost your winning success rate:

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My name is Chris Parsons. I am a punter just like yourself who wanted to find a way to increase my betting success rate. I have placed over 3,000 bets over theyears.I used to spend all day all night analyzing statistics. I went to the university of Liverpool, with a masters in Computer Science.

During my study, I had discovered a way to earn a decent living by betting on the horses. I became accustomed to working with the betting odds and picking out the best tips that were usually the ones that most tipster sources agreed on. However this was time consuming. So I used my computer science background and created the Tipster Filter software and website.

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We are so confident you will love our system we are offering a money back guarantee period of up to 60 days so you try the system risk free

Think about the endless possibilities of what you can do with this money… dine in fancy restaurants,
pay off your debts, treat your family and friends, escaping the sludgy snow to a holiday in a tropical paradise.

Just act now with only £29.99!!

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Myself and my friends are already making money from this filter system but I want to help fellow betters out there by sharing this software through this subscription site so as not to allow the bookies to always win. Your small one off payment merely helps to keep this site running and available for new users to discover us.

I have worked hard to come up with this filter system which sounds simple but really does work and saves time. Why rely on one tipster when you can know what all the tipsters are suggesting from one all inclusive filter system, delivering right into your mail box.

Give it a try with Tipster Filter because you really don’t have anything to lose but you will make consistent profits week in, week out.

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As a matter of fact, Tipster Filter truly lives up to my expectations as now I made an extra-large lump sum every month for doing very little work. I’m now entering my third month of betting with Tipster Filter and I’ve already banked a whopping £38,670.23! Can you believe it!? Nearly 40 grand from placing just a few bets each morning. You will not find a better tipster service anywhere on the web! If you’re looking to make some quick cash I suggest you sign up NOW

This is very promising, I only put 10 quids each bet and have made over £800 of profit last week! Enjoying this extra money, thanks to Tipster Filter! What a result!

Making money has become a piece of cake! I’ve tried other systems before and I found myself gotten into a right mess! With Tipster Filter, I just open my email every morning then place a couple of quick bets. That’s it! Great value with consistent winners. Chris Parsons really does know what he is talking about!

The tips here are worth the money in the long haul because the results are proven over time. There were ups and downs but overall, I made a satisfying amount of profit. Now I’m no longer searching elsewhere for other tipsters and can rely on Tipster Filter wholeheartedly!

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Q: How Much Money will I Make?
A. According to our current subscribers, the AVERAGE profit made is at around £7,000 per month. There are some days that you will win big, and some other days that you will win a little. However, the AVERAGE PROFIT in the long-term is 100-200% of return on the money invested.

Q: Do I Have to Download the Software?
A. No, you don’t have to download anything. We will email you with the filtered tips every morning (GMT) after the day of purchase. This way it is the most hassle-free and you can relax at your convenience and place bets anywhere or even on the go.

Q. How Can I Reach You if I have More Questions?
A. We have a dedicated team of customer support. Please feel free to email us at

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