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NEW! Antonio Carlo Authentic Italian (3 Generations) Handmade Gourmet Marinara Sauce – FRESH, No Preservatives, Vegan Marinara Spaghetti & Pasta Sauce – All-Natural Ingredients (Tomato Basil)

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Antonio Carlo Gourmet SaucesAntonio Carlo Gourmet Sauces

Eat Like Only A Tiny Handful Of Americans Can…

Enjoy Fresh, Handmade

Italian Marinara Sauce

Whenever You Wish!



Whole Ingredients

Whole Ingredients

Amazingly Healthy

Amazingly Healthy

Foodies Delight

Foodies Delight


Don’t settle for stale marinara sauces that have been sitting on warehouse shelves for months before they are shipped to you! We make our sauce in small batches by hand: first simmering a broth of fresh-pressed olive oil and crushed tomatoes over low heat for hours while meticulously adding seasoning and spices to create the perfect flavor and consistency.

Whole Ingredients

We use only fresh-pressed olive oil and vine-ripened tomatoes. Nona knew nothing but the best, and her time-tested recipe epitomizes the peak of natural flavor and freshness.


Fresh-pressed olive oil like the kind you will find in Antonio Carlo is filled with amazing benefits for your brain, internal organs, skin, hair and more. The fresh garlic, basil, and tomatoes we incorporate each bring their own powerful benefits to the table.

Foodies’ Delight

Excellent as a topping sauce for almost any dish imaginable: from poultry to seafood, fish, and pasta – as well as a delectable dipping sauce for when you simply miss the taste… And believe me, you will! Antonio Carlo’s marinara sauce is downright addictive.

Only the Best IngredientsOnly the Best Ingredients

AC saucesAC sauces

If It’s Not FRESH It’s NOT The Best

Antonio Carlo marinara sauce is packed with much more than just amazingly rich natural flavors no other sauce can imitate.

It also provides a complete nutrition for your brain, heart, and cells. Packed with fatty acids and loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, the truly fresh ingredients of this sauce may well do more for you than your daily vitamin (don’t quote us on that!)

But above all, you should know the care and consideration that goes into hand making each batch of our one-of-a-kind marinara sauce. It’s a family process – the ingredients are cooked and mixed over low heat, long enough to unlock each flavor note inside.

Soon, you will be enjoying “marina-da” like the Italians do! Buon appetit!


[Handcrafted for Three Generations] – The same way Nona made it: absolutely NO PRESERVATIVES or added sugar, or anything that would take away from our healthy and outrageously flavorful signature recipe. Natural, vegan, gluten-free – pure.
[Eye-Popping Flavor Explosion] – Italian food from outside of Italy is like a faded imitation – only the real deal gives you the full technicolor symphony of intense savory flavors and aromas enchanting your senses. Foodies – DO NOT MISS OUT.
[AMAZING Spaghetti, Pizza, Lasagna and More] – You’ll easily become addicted to Antonio Carlo’s Marinara Sauce. It brings your traditional Italian dishes to life unlike anything else. It’s perfect for chicken, pork, beef seafood and grilled veggies.
[4 Delicious Flavors] – Our sauces come in 4 very distinct flavors: 3rd Generation Original Recipe, Fresh Tomato Basil Leaf, Roasted Garlic, and spicy Arrabbiata. Straight from Italy to your table.


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