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Marasol Soap Saver and Scrub Pad (2) | Coconut Fiber – Compostable | Plastic Free – Zero Waste | Bar Soap Holder | Tough Non-Scratch Scour Pad | Vegetable Brush | 2-Pack

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[ad_1] Marasol supports healthy and eco friendly lifestyles. We value the opportunity to make Marasol products part of your clean and sustainable lifestyle journey.
Using sustainable bath and kitchen products like the Marasol coconut scourer & soap saver pad keeps plastic out of our water, food, and landfills.

> 2 Coconut fiber pads.
> Can be used as a natural dish scrubber or a soap saver.
> Each pad is 4 in x 3 in. They can be trimmed to fit soap dishes
> Packaged in paper only from the manufacturer (Marasol)

Made of:
> Coconut husk fibers from reclaimed coconuts
> Natural latex tapped from rubber trees
> Cotton thread
> Plastic-free, Bioplastic-free

> Biodegradable and compostable scrubber
> Will not scratch cookware
> Naturally antibacterial, Odorless

Usage Instructions:
> The coconut fiber scrubber is best used for tough messes. It is non-scratch and can be used on cast iron, enamel, and non-stick cookware.

> Coconut scouring pads shed fibers over time. This is natural and it is safe to wash the coconut fibers down the drain.
> When used as a soap saver, you can remove soap residue by rinsing the pad and squeezing it dry. Water flows through it and it dries quickly.
> You can use the soap pad to wipe down the sink and then rinse it and dry it.

TOUGH, NON-SCRATCH, MULTIPURPOSE SCRUBBING PAD – These coconut pot scrubbers are naturally hard for cleaning baked-on messes, and absorbent and gentle on enamel and non-stick cookware. Ideal for cleaning cast iron too. It’s also a vegetable brush that you can easily control for perfect potatoes and cleaner carrots.
ECO SOAP SAVER – Effective, Attractive, and Versatile. Keeps bar soap dry and long-lasting, no more soapy mess. This soap lift has an attractive, natural look, better than a plastic pad. It can be used by itself or in a soap dish. And it is handy for wiping down the sink.
PLASTIC-FREE – Traditional scouring pads and soap rests are mostly plastic, even the “eco” ones. They pollute with toxic microplastics and never decompose. The Marasol pad is 100% plant-based and truly biodegradable. No plastic in our water, your food, or the landfill. Note: Marasol packaging is paper. Amazon shipping materials vary and are out of our control.
ODORLESS, EASY RINSE, QUICK DRY – Coconut fibers are naturally antibacterial, so our pads do not get that musty sponge smell. Food doesn’t stick, water flows through them so they rinse easily, and they dry quickly. They have a faint woodsy scent so that the only smell will be nature.
SUSTAINABLE LIVING: These natural scrub pads are made of coconut husk fibers from reclaimed coconuts, natural latex tapped from rubber trees, and cotton thread, that’s all. Each of the 2 pads is 4 in x 3 in. The coconut dish scrubber will shed natural fibers, which can be safely washed down the drain. Unlike many “natural” sponges and pads, Marasol pads aren’t bleached, dyed, or chemically processed, so the color is natural and will vary.


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