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La Republica Big Shot Organic Mushroom Coffee (120 Servings) w/ 7 Superfood Mushrooms, Great Tasting Instant Mushroom Powder Has Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps, Shiitake, Maitake, Turkey Tail

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Product Description

Elevate Your Health and Wellness

Healthy Mushroom Powder and Coffee That Taste GreatHealthy Mushroom Powder and Coffee That Taste Great

Start your mornings off with a rich, endless flavor in every cup of mushroom coffee made from all organic ingredients. Every mushroom used to make our coffee is harvested after growing naturally on uncontaminated trees. Once harvested our process ensures every scoop contains no preservatives, fillers while being Keto and Vegan friendly. Your daily routine will never be the same when the first taste of La Republica’s organic mushroom coffee flows into your body.

Great Tasting Mushroom CoffeeGreat Tasting Mushroom Coffee

La Republica La Republica

We Care About our Workers and Customers

La Republica’s coffee and mushroom extract powders are all organically grown by small indigenous growers who exemplify the Fair Trade exchange. We want to provide you with a great-tasting, nutrient-filled drink every day of the week.

Coffee you won’t find anywhere else

Reusable containers to help reduce waste or put more coffee in.

Enhance Your Mental Mood and Fortitude

Stay Focused and Energized

Working from home, going to class, or sitting on the front porch watching the sunrise, our mushroom extract coffee is the perfect way to kick the day off for anyone and everyone under the sun. Mushrooms are some of the most widely studied and longest used antioxidant superfoods. Your everyday life isn’t going to slow down after the mornings. La Republica is here to help kick the urge to nap to the curb with your next cup of coffee.

Boost your immune system with 7 powerful superfoods in each cup.

Your energy levels will be raised to new heights without jitters or shakes.

Get excited to take on each morning when you brew your pot of coffee

Enjoy a cup with your family and friends on vacation and around the fire.

The journey on building and continuing a nutrition filled and happier you starts in the morning.

7 Powerful Mushroom Extracts in your Coffee7 Powerful Mushroom Extracts in your Coffee

Fair Trade

Fair Trade

Gluten Free

Gluten Free



Eliminate Waste

Eliminate Waste

Empower farmers, workers and help protect the Earth when choosing Fair Trade products. Our products are held to the highest standard ensuring a great, conscious friendly drunk.

Going gluten-free is a great way to improve your lifestyle and increase your energy levels. Each product is safe for those with Celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity.

Having been picked in a safe, Fair Trade farm, all of our mushroom extract powders and coffees are vegan friendly. We stand by having the best ingredients possible.

Each coffee and powder is put into a reusable, BPA free jar. Eliminate the need for pre-packaged paper trash by scooping in the exact amount of powder you want in each cup.

Join the Readerest movement of drinking organic mushroom coffeeJoin the Readerest movement of drinking organic mushroom coffee

Package Dimensions‏:‎4.21 x 4.21 x 3.5 inches; 10.58 Ounces
Manufacturer‏:‎La Republica Superfoods

MAJOR UPGRADE TO YOUR COFFEE HABIT – Big Shot Mushroom Coffee transforms your coffee ritual for the best. Just add hot water to our mushroom instant coffee powder and bring out its deep, rich, chocolatey flavor.
FOR BETTER FOCUS – Our superfood coffee helps heighten focus, thanks to lions mane mushroom extract. It also contains chaga mushrooms extract that delivers clean energy. The addition of reishi powder promotes a calm disposition.
GREAT PRE-AND-POST WORKOUT – Big Shot nootropic coffee with mushroom extract serves as an ideal pre-or-post workout energy powder, helping your adrenals adapt to stress.
SOURCED FROM THE BEST NATURAL GROWERS – We use mushroom powder from whole fruiting bodies that are not fermented or grown with other grains. Our mushroom blend has no dairy, dye, egg, gluten, GMO, mycelium, and fillers.


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