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Fire Brew Energy – Beet Apple Cider Vinegar Wellness Tonic | 16 Concentrated Shots of Healthiest Organic Ingredients to Energize and Boost Your Stamina with Antioxidants for Heart & Blood Health – 8oz

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Fire Brew Energy – Beet

Need something to power you day in and day out? Energy Fire Brew is packed with juicy red beets that provides an energy boost to get you fired up and help you stay productive. Its complementary ingredients, hawthorn berries and cinnamon, provide a great source of antioxidants that help keep your body feeling healthy and strong.

We at Fire Brew create all-natural wellness boosters and remedies that support the mind, body, and spirit. All of our products are a unique combination of raw apple cider vinegar with the mother, saturated in 10+ nutrient-dense veggies, fruits, herbs, and spices.Each ingredient supports proper digestion, strengthens immunity, curbs inflammation, and improves mental wellbeing. Collectively, all of our tonics provide the essential tools needed to feel your best and fuel your lifestyle. Think of them as plant-powered, liquid multivitamins.


Plant-Powered Liquid Multivitamins

Fire Brew is our premiere line of health tonics. In addition to raw, organic, ACV, all of our fiery blends contain the same potent base of powerful plant-based ingredients that target gut health, the immune system, and chronic inflammation. Each blend is “boosted” with additional functional ingredients for added benefits. Fire Brew is not a relaxing sipping vinegar. It is a concentrated, all-natural, liquid multivitamin.

We carefully select every ingredient that goes into our Apple Cider Vinegar Health Tonics which includes a rainbow of 10+ nutrient-dense vegetables, fresh fruits, herbs, and spices in every bottle. All this rich plant matter ensures you get a powerful dose of the vitamins you need to live a well-rounded, dynamic life!

Our products are created with the busy person in mind who wants a hassle-free, natural way to boost the immune system and bring a sense of balance to one’s life.








Shoot back that fiery feeling! This full-strength tonic combines ingredients targeted to fight inflammation, aid digestion, and strengthen the immune system. 1 tablespoon a day is all you need to start a transformative health ritual.

Love a tangy beverage that helps keep you extra hydrated? Drop your daily shot into a cup of water, tea, a tall glass of lemonade, or some sparkling water for an extra boost to keep you going.

Health has never been so fun to play with! Toss some Fire Brew in your salad dressing, salsa, or soup for an extra kick that keeps on kicking.


We are a woman-owned and operated company based out of Portland, Oregon. We believe that nourishing plant-based foods can reduce and heal chronic, systemic issues and directly impact our overall wellness. We create products that align with those beliefs and support our customers, who are looking for natural ways to maintain a vibrant lifestyle. We are “The Brew Crew” and we are proud and honored to make products to support you and your family.

With a desire to live a more purposeful life, Valerie Roth decided to go back to school and pursue her passion: Holistic Nutrition. Surrounded by unfamiliar foods, exciting ideas, and inventive ways to heal the mind and body with natural ingredients, Valerie’s ideas for an accessible line of all-natural wellness tonics began to brew. She collaborated with experienced herbalists to craft time-honored, natural remedies brightened with fresh, healing, whole-food ingredients. After endless hours tinkering in the kitchen, she struck the perfect balance of functional and flavorful “brews” that would make up her line of potent ACV health tonics.







Astragalus Root, Rosehip

Beets, Hawthorne Berry, Cinnamon

Spinach, Lime, Kale, Spearmint, Horsetail

Elderberries, Astragalus Root


Overall immune system strength.

Energy levels, heart health, blood health and iron levels

Building bones, brain development and cleansing. Rich in vitamins, minerals, and iron

Fight off the common cold, the flu, and other respiratory illnesses

Servings Per Bottle





Serving Size

0.5 oz / 1 Tbsp

0.5 oz / 1 Tbsp

0.5 oz / 1 Tbsp

0.5 oz / 1 Tbsp

Sweetened with Honey

Package Dimensions‏:‎8.35 x 4.49 x 4.41 inches; 1.18 Pounds
Manufacturer‏:‎Mind Your Manna
Country of Origin‏:‎USA

BEET BLEND: In addition to the above benefits, this antioxidant-rich warming blend is boosted with beets, cinnamon & hawthorn berries, which energizes the system, increases stamina, and is great for blood strength & heart health to keep you strong.
All blends have a base of raw organic apple cider vinegar, horseradish, turmeric, ginger, onions, garlic, habaneros, apples, oranges, lemons, rosemary, and a touch of honey. That’s 10+ nutrient-dense veggies, fruits, herbs and spices in every bottle.
MAKE IT A WELLNESS RITUAL: These tonics are fiery! Take one tablespoon a day. Shoot it, savor the flavor in a favorite beverage, add a splash to a healthy meal or dilute 1 tablespoon to a cup of water. For an extra boost, take it 2 – 3 times a day.
PROUDLY CRAFTED IN PORTLAND, OREGON:  Every Fire Brew comes in a glass container carefully packaged. They are shelf stable and last 18 months. Contains prebiotics and probiotics by fermentation. Fire Brew is Paleo, Keto-friendly and Gluten-free.


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