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EHM SureFlow Alkaline Water Pitcher Replacement Cartridge – Healthy Drinking Water, PH 8.5-9.5, 6-Stage Filtration & Hydration System

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Product Description

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Enjoy A Fresh Supply of Cleaner, Purer, Healthier Mineral Water – Starting Today!

Let’s start with a simple question: do you have any indication of the quality of the tap water you and your family are drinking, or of what it contains?

How can you be certain that it doesn’t contain a variety of heavy metals, high chlorine levels, and a hundred of other potentially harmful substances?

More importantly – what can you do about improving the quality of something like water?

Well, there’s a simple and affordable answer to that; it’s this EHM Alkaline Water Filter, and it may just be exactly what you need! Protect your and your loved ones’ health and fuel your body with pure, clean, toxin-free water!

ehm sureflow filter in actionehm sureflow filter in action

EHM SureFlow Filter- Alkaline Water Pitcher Filter Replacement

Makes great-tasting alkaline Ionized water.Tourmaline stones to raise the pH.Negative potential Balls to reduce the ORP value.Maifan stones to re-mineralize the water by adding iron, zinc, calcium and other beneficial minerals.Natural anti-aging properties at the same level or better than Vitamin. Far Infrared stones to energize the water.Abundant minerals (Ca, Mg, Na, K and more) deposited into the water naturally.BPA free.

Why Choose EHM?

Here at EHM we are dedicated to granting our customers high quality products that will ensure their continuous satisfaction. We aim to maximize the experience of our buyers and bring ergonomically designed items that will surpass their needs. Our replacement alkaline water filter serves to represent this goal and demonstrate our desires, delivering healthy, clean water which grants a variety of benefits to one’s body.

The EHM Alkaline Water Pitcher Filter Replacement Cartridge is a simple, cost effective solution to give you great quality, clean and alkaline water.

Drinking good quality alkaline water in a form that can be easily absorbed and has a sufficient supply of minerals can help your body regain a feeling of vitality and overall well-being. Say bye to impurities and the unknown contents of unfiltered water and try our EHM cartridges today.

Product Features

ph orp

ph orp

ehm water filter alkaline

ehm water filter alkaline

ehm alkaline filter pitcher

ehm alkaline filter pitcher

ideal for household on the go travel

ideal for household on the go travel

What It Does

Removes water impurities and other contaminants.Filters water using abundance of minerals which hold many health benefits.

Materials & Purpose

PMMA or AS PlasticNano-KDF- Highly efficiently removal of residual chlorine; Highly efficiently removes heavy metal ions in waterActive carbon- Reduces unpleasant tastes and odors.Tourmaline ceramic cartridge- releases negative ions, activates water with rich minerals and micro elements.BPA free

Cartridge Use Limit

Each replacement cartridge lasts about 6-8 weeks depending on the frequency of use. This 6-8 weeks is equivalent to about 40 gallons of filtered water. If you are unsure when to replace your water filter, we recommend that you use our EHM pH kit drops to test the pH. A reduced pH implies it is time for a change.

Ideal For

Household, Office, Hotel, Outdoors, Travel, etc.Take these water filters anywhere you go. Pro-tip: If water filters are not used for a prolonged period of time, simply re-soak them and you are good to go.

ehm sureflow filter in actionehm sureflow filter in action

EHM SureFlow Filter Replacement Cartridge

Raises water to a High Alkaline (pH balance) of pH 7.8 or higherSophisticated technology alkalizes any water from ALMOST any sourceProvides cleaner, healthier water

✅PURE WATER – Pure water is what you need to remain healthy. Our EHM SureFlow Alkaline Water Filter will help to purify your water to ensure that it tastes great and is healthy for you and your family. Improve your lifestyle with an alkaline diet that your body and immune system will thank.
✅6-STAGE PURIFICATION – Our water filter replacement cartridge features an efficient 6-stage purification system that results in ready to drink water that is healthy and has a basic pH range of 8.5-9.5. Enjoy alkaline water while also energizing and revitalizing your body.
✅FREE OF TOXINS – With this replacement cartridge for water filter, you will enjoy toxin-free water for your daily use. Our filtration and hydration system removes chlorine, heavy metals and other contaminants that pose a risk to your health. Moreover, it deposits an abundance of minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium into your water.
✅3-PACK – This alkaline water pitcher replacement cartridge comes in a three-pack that offers you prolonged use before you will need to go the shop to buy another one. Each filter lasts about 6-8 weeks depending on how frequently it is used, ensuring you alkaline water for months to come.
✅HIGH- QUALITY – We adhere to trusted and longstanding manufacturing standards to provide you with a high-quality alkaline water filter replacement cartridge for your home use. We stand by the satisfaction of our customers and aim to deliver a healthy and quality experience to each and every one of our EHM product supporters.


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