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Cheesecake Moat

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[ad_1] The patented CheesecakeMoat is designed to help you make perfect cheesecakes – every time. No more struggling with unwieldy water baths, no more cracked and uneven cheesecakes, no more soggy cheesecake base where water from the water bath has leaked into your Springform Pan – the CheesecakeMoat is the solution to all these problems. Any pastry chef will tell you, the best way to ensure that a cheesecake cooks evenly and doesn’t develop cracks is to cook it in a water bath. This ensures a gently consistent, moist heat that cooks the cheesecake filling evenly. However – using a water bath can be tricky. Firstly you have to get a large pan of water into the oven, (hard to do without a lot of spills) then you have the issue of trying to keep your cheesecake dry. Most cheesecakes are made in Springform Pans – and even the best of these can allow water to seep in round the seams. You can use all sorts of elaborate tricks to try to seal a Springform Pan from the liquid in the water bath (aluminum foil etc) but the water has a way of seeping in and making your crust soggy. Well Chef Corky Rosen has come up with a brilliant solution – The CheesecakeMoat – an aluminum pan in 2 sections – an inner section for your cheesecake (in its own Springform pan) and an outer section in which you can put water. You just place your cheesecake in its Springform Pan in the center section of the pan, put water in the “moat” – the external section – and put the entire CheesecakeMoat in the oven. The moat section is sealed so the water cannot get into the Springform Pan – but you are getting all the benefits of cooking a cheesecake in a water bath. Voil√†! Perfect cheesecake, with a perfect base – painlessly. Works with 8 inch, 9 inch or 10 inch Springform Pans. (Outer diameter of the CheesecakeMoat is 14″, inner diameter is 12″). The CheesecakeMoat is made in the USA.

Makes perfect cheesecakes – providing consistent moist heat.
Water is not in contact with Springform pan – no risk of leaks
Works with 8″, 9″ or 10″ Springform pans
Made in the USA


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