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Be Water Artesian (Case of 24) from Natural Alkaline Blue Ridge Mtn Wells & Pure Artesian Springs – Naturally Flowing, Safe Ionized Premium Bottled Drinking Agua Embotellada/ Safe BPA Free Hydration

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[ad_1] BE FRESH with the only Premium American Artesian Water
Picky customers are stocking pantries with Be Water because they grew tired of the ‘plastic’ aftertaste of imported waters that sit for months in hot warehouses and on ships.
Now they’re enjoying premium artesian water from our 5 natural springs located in the mineral-rich Blue Ridge Mountains.
This water tastes fresh – because it is.

BE MINDFUL of your hydration
Fans say the natural taste of Be Water simply inspires them to drink more water and be mindful of hydration (even when life has them on the move).
A 24 bottle case of Be Water gives you on-the-go hydration for:
♥ Better endurance in the gym
♥ Better body harmony while outdoors
♥ Better mental focus at work

BE ELEVATED – say ‘no’ to chemically treated dishwater
Be Water is gently filtered and ozone-treated — never chemically processed:
★ No chlorine processing
★ No signature ‘chemical aftertaste’
★ No electrolyte-stripping reverse osmosis
The result is ionized alkaline water with a fresh artesian smoothness and crisp elevated flavor.

BE STRONG with pure artesian electrolytes
Purists say the Electrolyte-packed waters that flow from our mineral-soaked springs in the Blue Ridge Mountains lets their bodies Be Strong — just the way nature intended.
✔ Restored cells
✔ Boosted energy
✔ Feeling refreshed

BE PROUD with the premium American artisanal water
The All-American team at Be Water works hard to bring you the only premium domestic artesian water available.
So, try a case of natural spring water in 24 BPA-free water bottles for yourself, then join others who say that they’re staying hydrated, feeling refreshed, and are proud to be supporting USA jobs and the hard-working Americans at Be Water.
Package Dimensions‏:‎15.8 x 10.4 x 7.9 inches; 28.75 Pounds

BE MINDFUL with On The Go Hydration: Fans say this tasty artesian water has them drinking more water all day, and the simple elegance of the Be Water bottle (and 24 pack case) inspires them to be mindful of hydration on the go for better endurance, body harmony, and mental focus wherever their adventures take them
BE ELEVATED (Say ‘NO’ To Chemically Treated Dish Water): Stop suffering with bottled tap water that relies on chemical & chlorine purification methods and leaves you with a funny aftertaste; Be Water is gently filtered and ozone treated for a natural purity that keeps the artesian smoothness and crisp elevated flavors untainted
BE STRONG with With Natural Electrolytes: Modern living does enough damage to our bodies, which is why water purists say they like how Be Water’s natural filtration methods preserve electrolytes (unlike the reverse osmosis) so you can restore cells, boost energy, and feel refreshed with naturally ionized alkaline water that lets your body Be Strong — just the way nature intended
BE USA-PROUD: The All-American team at Be Water works hard to give you crisp artesian water fresh from our certified wells to your doorstep; Try a 24 pack case of this premium natural springs water for a week to see how your taste buds thank you, then Be Proud that your supporting hard-working Americans and their families


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