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Alkaline88 Purified Ionized Water with Himalayan Minerals & Electrolytes for smooth taste. Perfectly balanced for your body with 8.8ph. (12) 1-Liter water bottles. 100% Recyclable.

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Product Description


Alkaline 88 brings together the very best of nature, science, and technology to balance your body and enhance your healthful lifestyle with the world’s pHinest hydration products. Unlike other bottled alkaline water, Alkaline 88 takes nature’s purest water and infuses it with Himalayan pink salt so each smooth tasting, refreshing sip restores and replenishes the electrolytes, essential minerals, and trace elements essential for keeping up with your max effort life.



About Alkaline88

Alkaline88 is a chemical-free alkaline water that’s perfectly balanced at 8.8 pH. Made with Himalayan Minerals and packaged in BPA-free, PET #1 recyclable bottles, Alkaline88 has a clean label and tastes great.

Clean Label

Chemical free

Great for saving money and the environment

Alkaline 88 Bottled Water, 1-Liter (Case of 12)

The Alkaline 88 Bottled Water, 1-Liter bottle provides the 8.8-pH balanced hydration your body craves for all-out performance in an on-the-go, convenient-to-carry size, just right for backpacks, bags, and purses.

8.8-pH for alkalinity

Infused with electrolytes, minerals, and trace elements

Uniquely crafted to include calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper and iron

Clear, high density, BPA free, PET material bottles

Convenient 33.8-ounce size per bottle for storage or transport

Our Process







First, water is purified through reverse osmosis and put through our state-of-the-art Electrochemically Actived Water (ECA) system to create 8.8 pH water without any chemicals.

The ECA process then infuses the water with 84 trace minerals and electrolytes derived from pure pink Himalayan rock salt for even better body balance.

Finally, the water is purified again using ultra-violet technology, then packaged in an FDA-compliant clean room for ultimate safety.

Alkaline88 is genuinely a Clean Beverage and our 8.8ph water is made with only purified water and Pink Himalayan Minerals.
BPA free; PET #1 Recyclable bottles
Each case contains 12 – 1-Liter water bottles (33.8 oz per each 1-Liter bottle or 405.6oz)


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