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AMAZON Carmats!

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Best Carmats in 2021​

The best floor mats in the world and why, product review with Scotty Kilmer. These new floor mats help keep your car's floor clean and require low maintenance. How to install floor mats and liners in your car. How to clean floor mats. Custom floor mats versus universal floor mats, which is better? Everyone needs these type of floor mats. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 50 years. Read More...

AMAZON Luggage!

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Rolling Bags

TOP 6: BEST Carry On Luggage [2021] | TSA Approved

Let's begin our list with the Amazon Basics Geometric Travel Luggage. This luggage features a rugged hard-shell exterior and an expandable packing compartment with tie-down straps and zippered sleeves. You can extend the telescoping handle for comfortably rolling the luggage, and the securely mounted side handle helps ensure easy lifting. Find your best bag deal at


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Lumber Products

Lumber Prices (April Update) 2021

Lumber prices, when will it get cheaper? Covid is affecting lumber in many ways, watch the video to learn how and why lumber prices is so high. Woodworking is even more expensive now then ever before. Making woodworking projects to sell, is getting more expensive. Find all lumber deals at


AMAZON Gamer tech!

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Gaming Hardware

Best New Gaming Tech In 2021

The passing of one gaming generation to the next is one of the most sacred times for gamers everywhere. The coming of the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X has driven gaming expectations to new heights. It has also driven expectations for gaming tech to new expectations. While many will settle for the newest console on the market, others are eager to buy the greatest gear money can offer. Find great tech deals at


AMAZON Air Conditioners!

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Mini AC's

Best $40 Portable Air Conditioner on AMAZON

Today, I'm doing a review of the best portable air conditioner/air cooler on Amazon. The AUZKIN Portable Air Conditioner, Oscillating Air Fan Cooler, and Small Personal Humidifier is the ultimate Best $40 Portable Air Conditioner on AMAZON. This air conditioner is easy to use, looks amazing, and very technological. Find the best AC deals in the market at