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Welcome to The World Discount Store !

At The World Discount Store, you will find many popular products and great deals.  

This new marketplace concept offers great deals on clothing, beauty, health and nutrition, shoes, electronics, and more with one easy checkout.

The World Discount Store is my dream. I started my online brand in 2019.

The vision of The World Discount Store came to me in 2019 in Puerto Rico. I am born and raised in Puerto Rico and I spent the 2019 winter at home with my mother and brother after going through a horrible divorce and homelessness state in the streets of New York. That was the lowest time of my life. During that time, and countless nights of meditation, and long commutes to San Juan from the countryside, I began to notice the gap in the market for a healthy and affordable choice for people on the hard-reaching spots of the country. In my past job, I have traveled the world from North of Europe to the guzzling city of Shanghai and my approach is made from the understanding that I can combine some of the healthy lifestyle choices with the convenience of the 7Elenen next door. My entire life I have been developing this vision.

My goal is to continue growing my store to Amazon levels. I continue growing and improving my store’s products and departments every day and I can predict exponential growth once YOU and I break even. This is my dream and I will never stop. You will hear about my business one way or another.

I would like to start an investment round as soon as possible in 2021 and with your help further develop the business model. I am open to suggestions and changes to my business model.

Juan Benson
Founder and CEO
The World Discount Store

Happy Shopping!